Interior Designer David Hendricks believes that your home should be an expression of you.


Looking for partners, not just clients, he sees each project as a journey, guiding people who want to change their environment, and helping them uncover their personal design aesthetic along the way.


With over 30 years experience, David is known for his dynamic style, keen eye and innate ability to translate his client’s vision.


From living rooms that emanate contemporary comfort to classically luxurious bathrooms, each bespoke space balances function and style – the David Hendricks design signature.


With a degree in Interior Design from Ryerson University and a background in architectural technology, David uses technical expertise to unlock his client’s ultimate vision.


Applying a synergetic approach, patient guidance and unique visual processes, David seeks to create complimentary spaces for those living in them –injecting objects, colours and textures that emote a sense of comfort and joy into every design.